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I’m Nina Jaribu and Karin gave me this chance to write a few lines about my new book.  That’s difficult. Normally I’d just say that it’s better you read it than having me try to say something about it. But now, that Strauss-Kahn guy makes it a little easier for me. You know what? He has stolen the plot from my book and acted it out! Or so it seems. A guy in a hotel room gets out from the shower, stumbles naked toward a room service woman, who quickly gets out of the room, terrified that he’ll rape her. After that he – the guy in my book that is – gets accused of all kind of things and… No I shouldn’t tell. And I’m not saying that Dominique Strauss-Kahn is innocent (or guilty, we just don’t know yet). Just saying that it’s a damn weird coincidence. Or do guys do this all the time? I just made it up, you know.

So, perhaps you should read it? Find it at Söderbokhandeln in Stockholm or the net and, oh yes, it’s called Hue of Blue. Blå nyans. Karibuni kitabu! Which is swahili for ”welcome to enter into the book”!

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  1. skogsgurra skriver:

    Wonderful, Nina!

    I just won your book in a little competition that Karin and her friend Eva arranged. And now, when that thing happend on a ’global scale’, I am – of course even more interested. The same thing, but in reverse, happened to me in a hotel room in Nuremberg. It was a Friday after-noon when I arrived at the hotel. I had barely dropped my bag when the bath-room door opened and a nekkid girl entered the room.

    She was staff and used my bath-room to take a shower before going home. She had no shower at home and thought this was a good idea. I hadn’t booked in advance so she had no idea the room would be occupied soon.

    I promised not to tell the hotel manager and she promised not to tell my wife. But, I did…

  2. Nina skriver:

    Oh my, how gentlemanly!

    • skogsgurra skriver:

      Never saw it like that.

      I meant to say that such things happen now and then and that the probability that ’boy meets girl’ unexpectedly in a hotel room may be higher than one thinks.

  3. Tawna Fenske skriver:

    Sounds like a fascinating book! Always interesting how life imitates art (or art imitates life…it’s tough to tell sometimes!)


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